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Dare To Plan Your Most Productive Week Ever

Get ready to start the new semester on the right foot! By budgeting your time wisely each week from the get-go, you can become the well-rounded student you’ve only seen used as movie tropes. Prepare to become the social butterfly, the dean’s lister, AND the gym rat all in one… Prepare to find your Identity.

Understand What You NEED To Do

You need to go to class. You need to study and do homework. You should also probably make sure to schedule a time to hit the gym or get outside at least once a week. When planning a schedule, make sure you account for all of your must-do’s. This includes activities like eating, sleeping, and even taking an hour or two off to rest or take a break.

Figure Out What You WANT To Do

Now that you have your most important tasks taken care of, think about what you want to fill the rest of your days with. Schedule a Thursday night dinner each week with your roommate. Put time on your calendar to binge the latest Netflix show. Remember, hard work requires a balance of solid rest and relaxation.

Be Careful Not to Overbook Yourself

Finally, when putting together your schedule, don’t forget to give yourself a little leeway here and there so you have some flexibility. Should something be pushed back, or if someone asks you out to dinner at the last minute, you won’t be too worried about how to make it work.

Remember, the point of scheduling your activities isn’t to be running around Boise like a chicken with your head chopped off (albeit a very organized one). It’s to help you visualize your time and help you accomplish everything you need and want to do in a given week. Check out more things to do around town in other blog posts.


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